Poem – St Luke’s (Liverpool’s ‘Bombed out Church’)

  St Luke’s (When I was young, my nan, used to tell me ‘The church’ is the people, not the building.') Once each window was a work of art, every few feet a different story being told- parables pictured on stained glass, which, when the light shone through, blessed the aisles with colour. The building … Continue reading Poem – St Luke’s (Liverpool’s ‘Bombed out Church’)

Lunch Poem

Lunch Poem Distinguished by layers of different dirt builders, electricians and road sweepers wearing high-vis jackets, sit together in the café. They drink Tesco’s own tea with Silver Spoon sugar, talk about Government and the score. A businesswoman orders a cappuccino but can’t pay by card. Time is a commodity and she’s spending it fumbling … Continue reading Lunch Poem